Sam Allon is a Chemistry PhD candidate in the Shalek Lab. He is interested in using programmed assembly of cells in vitro to uncover the intercellular circuits that contribute to stem cell differentiation and to cancer immunotherapy outcomes.

As a biochemistry major at the University of Pennsylvania, Sam worked with Professor Kristen Lynch to discover regulation mechanisms of alternative mRNA splicing. He likes science outreach and regularly teams up with Shalek lab members to teach immunology to middle school and high school students.

Loss of DNA methyltransferase activity in primed human ES cells triggers increased cell-cell variability and transcriptional repression
  • Tsankov et al.,
  • Development,
  • 2019
  • Genomics
  • Biology
  • Marc Wadsworth II
  • Sam Allon
  • Ben Mead
  • Riley Drake
  • Alex K. Shalek