Toby Aicher is a research technician in the Shalek and the Walker labs who uses single-cell RNA-sequencing to investigate how the immune system responds to acute HIV infection in elite controllers and chronic progressors. His interests include developmental trajectories of lymphocytes, functional heterogeneity among cytotoxic T-cells, and epigenomics.  
Toby grew up in Maine and attended college in Vermont. He has a B.A. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Middlebury College. In his free time Toby likes swimming, amateur astronomy, and exploring Boston.

Integrated Single-Cell Analysis of Multicellular Immune Dynamics during Hyper-Acute HIV-1 Infection
  • Kazer S.W. et al.,
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  • 2019
  • Genomics
  • Infectious Disease
  • Immunology
  • Biology
  • Sam Kazer
  • Toby Aicher
  • Shaina Carroll
  • José Ordovas-Montañes
  • Carly Ziegler
  • Sarah Nyquist
  • Alex K. Shalek
Seq-Well: A Sample-Efficient, Portable Picowell Platform for Massively Parallel Single-Cell RNA Sequencing
  • Aicher et al.,
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  • 2019
  • R&D
  • Technology
  • Toby Aicher
  • Shaina Carroll
  • Marc Wadsworth
  • Travis Hughes
  • Alex K. Shalek