Evelyn is a graduate student in Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) department, pursuing a PhD degree in Medical Engineering & Medical Physics (MEMP) program. Her primary research interest is applying single-cell genomic technologies to understand the complex interaction network within tumor-immune microenvironment, for the purpose of improving efficacy and safety of current immunotherapy.

Originally from Guangzhou, Evelyn studies abroad and completed her bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering, Biotechnology at UC San Diego in 2020. There she researched in genomic landscape of human precancer in Alexandrov lab and studied controllable CAR-T therapy in Wang lab. With both wetlab and drylab experience, she realized the power of integrating computational analysis and cell engineering, leading to her current research interests.

Outside of research and coursework, Evelyn is photographer and loves cooking, traveling, hiking, and binge-watching TV shows. In addition, she has a very high standard for classic French croissants.

Engineering kinetics of TLR7/8 agonist release from bottlebrush prodrugs enables tumor-focused immune stimulation
  • Bhagchandani et al.,
  • Science Advances,
  • 2023
  • Immunology
  • Cancer
  • Chemistry
  • Genomics
  • Biology
  • Technology
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  • Medicine
  • Evelyn Yuzhou Tong
  • Michelle Ramseier
  • Alex K. Shalek