I am a PhD student in the Computational and Systems Biology program at MIT. I am interested in incorporating single cell technologies and developing computational methods to better understand the dynamics interaction of cancer cells with their microenvironment and cancer evolution.

I grew up on the southeast coast of China and moved to SoCal to do my undergraduate studies at Harvey Mudd College, where I majored in mathematical and computational biology with a humanities concentration in economics. I enjoy cooking and eating good food, painting, doing calligraphy, practicing yoga and Thai boxing, and traveling when it’s safe.

Compressed phenotypic screens for complex multicellular models and high-content assays
  • Mead et al.,
  • bioRxiv,
  • 2023
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  • Genomics
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  • Chemistry
  • Cancer
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  • Ben Mead
  • Conner Kummerlowe
  • Ivy Liu
  • Walaa Kattan
  • Thomas Nok Hin Cheng
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