Mike is originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He came to the US thinking that the notorious political and economical instability of his country may have altered his education and opportunities thereafter. He was received with opened arms by the University of Massachusetts in Boston where he obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Before coming to the Shalek lab, Mike worked for 3 years at Massachusetts General Hospital as a clinical research coordinator. His current interests are discovering and learning about novel technologies related to biology, immunology, infectious diseases, and cancer.

Outside of work, Mike finds the time to strum his acoustic guitar for fun. At home, he is creating a self-sustaining greenhouse using the Arduino microprocessor at its core. And during his daily 2h commutes he plunges into Siddhartha Mukherjee’s good books or watches the real football. He aims to one day become an influencer to the youths back home.

Clinical implementation of single-cell RNA sequencing using liver fine needle aspirate tissue sampling and centralized processing captures compartment specific immuno-diversity
  • Genshaft et al.,
  • bioRxiv,
  • 2021
  • R&D
  • Cell Atlas
  • Technology
  • Immunology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Computational Methods
  • Genomics
  • Biology
  • Alex Genshaft
  • Mike Vilme
  • Riley Drake
  • Ira Fleming
  • Nancy Tran
  • Constantine Tzouanas
  • Jasmin Joseph-Chazan
  • Alex K. Shalek