I am an undergraduate at Imperial College majoring in Chemical Engineering, currently on an exchange year at MIT. My primary research interest lies at the interface of biomedical science and chemical engineering. My main goal is to develop new technologies to understand disease pathogenesis, in particular those associated with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and to translate these discoveries to targeted, accessible and affordable therapies.

Compressed phenotypic screens for complex multicellular models and high-content assays
  • Mead et al.,
  • bioRxiv,
  • 2023
  • Chemistry
  • Computational Methods
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  • Statistics
  • Genomics
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  • Biology
  • Cancer
  • Ben Mead
  • Conner Kummerlowe
  • Ivy Liu
  • Walaa Kattan
  • Thomas Nok Hin Cheng
  • Peter Winter
  • Alex K. Shalek