Expression of Foxp3 by T follicular helper cells in end-stage germinal centers

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Alex K. Shalek Alex K. Shalek
Sam Allon Sam Allon

Jacobsen et al.▾ Jacobsen, J.T.*, Hu, W.*, Castro, T.B.R., Solem, S., Galante, A., Lin, Z., Allon, S.J., Mesin, L., Bilate, A.M., Schiepers, A., Shalek, A.K., Rudensky, A.Y., Victora, G.D.

Science , Volume 373

July, 2021


Our data indicate that, in addition to canonical TFR cells, there exists a second population of Foxp3 GC T cells that arises immediately before GC contraction, through the up-regulation of Foxp3 and limited acquisition of Treg-like features by TFH cells. Functional experiments support a model in which the contraction, and eventual shutdown, of late-stage GCs is promoted by acquisition of Foxp3 by this TFH cell population. These findings raise the possibility that GC shutdown is an active process rather than simply a result of the progressive consumption of antigen by GC B cells. Manipulating this process may provide an avenue toward extending GC lifetime, potentially contributing to the induction of highly mutated antibodies by vaccination.