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Anikeeva et al.▾ Anikeeva, P., Boyden, E., Brangwynne, C., Cissé, I.I., Fiehn, O., Fromme, P., Gingras, A., Greene, C.S., Heard, E., Hell, S.W., Hillman, E., Jensen, G.J., Karchin, R., Kiessling, L.L., Kleinstiver, B.P., Knight, R., Kukura, P., Lancaster, M.A., Loman, N., Looger, L., Lundberg, E., Luo, Q., Miyawaki, A., Myers Jr., E.W., Nolan, G.P., Picotti, P., Reik, W., Sauer, M., Shalek, A.K., Shendure, J., Slavov, N., Tanay, A., Troyanskaya, O., van Valen, D., Wang, H., Yi, C., Yin, P., Zernicka-Goetz M., Zhuang, X.

Nature Methods , Volume 16

October, 2019


To mark the 15th anniversary of Nature Methods, we asked scientists from across diverse fields of basic biology research for their views on the most exciting and essential methodological challenges that their communities are poised to tackle in the near future.