A recent Nature Communications publication between the Shalek and Manalis labs has been featured in MIT news. Kimmerling et al., demonstrate a micro-fluidic device capable of tracking of gene expression in single cells as cells divide and generate progeny. While the technology has several potential applications, Kimmerling explains one focus of interest: “In the future, this approach may be able to provide insight into unique transcriptional regulators of cell cycle progression in various cancer models.”

Check out the articles on MIT’s and the Institute for Medical Engineering & Science’s websites:



A microfluidic platform enabling single-cell RNA-seq of multigenerational lineages
  • Kimmerling et al.,
  • Nat. Commun.,
  • 2016
  • Technology
  • Immunology
  • Biology
  • R&D
  • Genomics
  • Alex Genshaft
  • Sam Kazer
  • Alex K. Shalek
Shalek & Manalis Lab Research Featured on MIT News