The Shalek Lab’s latest publication exploring metastatic melanoma using single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) in collaboration with the Regev and Garraway labs was previewed in an answer and question session with its lead authors Itay Tirosh and Benjamin Izar.

The article was published as part of a special issue in Science named “Fatal Migrations” focusing on metastatic tumors, cancer that spreads from its site of origin to create tumors in other parts of the body.

Check out the preview on MIT News or at the Broad Institute below:

Dissecting the multicellular ecosystem of metastatic melanoma by single-cell RNA-seq
  • Tirosh et al.,
  • Science,
  • 2016
  • Cancer
  • Genomics
  • Biology
  • Medicine
  • Jay Prakadan
  • Marc Wadsworth II
  • Alex Genshaft
  • Travis Hughes
  • Carly Ziegler
  • Sam Kazer
  • Aleth Gaillard
  • Kellie Kolb
  • Alex K. Shalek
Tirosh et al. featured in MIT News and Broad Institute News