Adam Rubin

Adam Rubin

Postdoctoral Fellow

Degrees & Affiliations

BS, Biological Engineering - MIT PhD, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine - Stanford

Background & Interests

Genomics Genomics
Immunology Immunology
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Adam is a postdoctoral fellow who is studying tissue-resident immune memory and is co-advised by Alex Shalek and Aviv Regev at the Broad Institute. We hope that applying genomics and multiplex imaging tools in this area will provide a framework for improved vaccines to a variety of infectious diseases.

Adam grew up in Ohio and studied synthetic biology and biological engineering as an undergraduate at MIT. After working for a synthetic biology startup for a year and experiencing his fifth brutal Boston winter, he moved very far away to pursue his PhD at Stanford. There, he worked on how a dynamic epigenome underlies skin stem cell differentiation, developed genomics tools for understanding gene regulation, and explored cell types that arise in human skin cancer. Outside of the lab, you can find Adam running along the Charles listening to very boring podcasts about politics and history.