Lab Life

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Life in the Shalek Lab is non-stop action! Between our three lab spaces in Cambridge (IMES, Broad, Ragon) and numerous collaborations around the world (England, South Africa, Switzerland, and Thailand to name a few), the team is always on the move, exploring new places and ideas to execute collaborative, cutting-edge science. Regardless of our physical location, we strive to provide an excellent support system for our lab members by creating a laid-back, inquisitive, and open environment through constant communication, shared expertise, and mentorship. A fully stocked snack drawer and epic coffee doesn’t hurt lab morale either.

Social Activities

Whether relaxing after a long day’s work over a beverage (be it our in-house cold brew coffee or tea, cheap beer, or artisanal mescal), or tearing up the slopes in Vermont on our annual ski trip, the Shalek Lab holds true to the cliché: Work Hard, Play Hard(er). At home in Boston, we fill our time outside of lab with plenty of distractions: Red Sox games, cooking, fitness, volleyball, weekend trips to the mountains, and semi-annual lab parties, just to name a few. When abroad, we don’t shy away from engaging with the local flair: sledding in the Swiss Alps, surfing and safari in South Africa, and chowing down on fancy donuts and coffee in Seattle. These activities are great opportunities to wind down from a hectic workweek, while strengthening our lab identity and community.

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Hexagons: a Little Style to Describe Us

Every single cell is important, but no single cell matters – our lab has the same philosophy. Everyone in the Shalek Lab contributes their own unique combination of skills and experience to the team, so that together we perform groundbreaking research in excess of the sum of our parts. Our backgrounds and areas of scientific interest (light blue) synergize with our passions outside of lab (green) and distinct personalities (dark blue) to create collaborative working groups capable of tackling any task put in front of them.