At its core, our work is about helping, supporting, and uplifting others. We center people. 

We believe what we do is not as important as how we do it. We combine open-mindedness and curiosity with a dedication to rigor, excellence, fairness, equity, engagement, and empowerment, pushing us to become better scientists and citizens. We are committed to actively generating and championing a diverse, equitable and inclusive lab environment across all identities. We are transparent about our shared expectations, values, and ethical commitments. We live them together.

We strive to educate and enable scientific leaders. We want our lab members and our partners to pursue their dreams and to make progress toward their personal and professional goals. We work to create a democratic, non-hierarchical culture where lab members and collaborators of all identities and stages feel valued as contributors. We draw our strength from the combined interests, passion, brilliance, and hard work of the multiple communities to which we belong. We appreciate the investments each person makes, or has made, in building our community and scientific program; we similarly invest in supporting others in accomplishing the same. 

We are committed to ensuring that each individual would choose to work with us again.