Daniela is a research technician in the Shalek lab. Originally from Ontario, Canada, she obtained her B.Sc in Honours Life Sciences from McMaster University. She completed her senior thesis in the Campos Lab, which involved annotating the transcriptome and subsequently performing differential gene expression analysis to better understand mechanisms of regeneration in Hydra viridissima. After graduating from the comfort of her home with loved ones (virtually) by her side she made a solo move to Boston in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to join the lab. In the lab, she is working on the Ovarian Contraceptive Discovery Initiative, applying single-cell genomics to better understand gene pathways regulating follicle activation and ovulation with the goal of identifying a non-hormonal contraceptive. Outside of the lab you can find Daniela at a spin class, hiking trails/chasing waterfalls, spending time with family and/or friends, or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.