Florencia Burian

Florencia Burian

Former Undergraduate Student

Background & Interests

Biology Biology
Cancer Cancer
Computational Methods Computational Methods
I Want a Hot Body, but I also Want Tacos I Want a Hot Body, but I also Want Tacos
Keeping the Lab Humble Keeping the Lab Humble
Making Waves Making Waves


Flo is an undergraduate student majoring molecular biology and biotechnology int the STEM program at Kean University, and a visiting student at MIT. I’ve done projects with drug discovery for potential CCr1 antagonists, gene expression and egg morphologies within Drosophila species, and now interested in single cell RNA sequencing and analysis. I was born in Uruguay but moved and grew up in New Jersey. I crossed paths with the Shalek Lab when I became a part of MIT’s Chemical Bonds Fellowship. Outside the lab, I enjoy hiking, cooking and trying new foods, painting, yoga and music. I’m also a big adrenaline junkie and always looking for an adventure.