Manny Guzman

Manny Guzman

Graduate Student

Degrees & Affiliations

B.S Chemistry - Arizona State University, PhD Student, Chemistry— MIT

Background & Interests

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I grew up in Tucson, Arizona and I moved to Phoenix area to attend Arizona State University for my bachelors of science in chemistry with a minor in computational math. At ASU, I worked alongside Dr. Alexandra Ros to apply x-ray free electron lasers (XFELs) to monitor protein reaction intermediates upon binding to a substrate. I characterized a set of flow rate conditions to produce desired mixing times in a microfluidic device, which ultimately determines the time resolution for the protein reaction intermediate. During my free time I enjoy playing music and computer games! I’ve played practically every brass instrument, but my favorite one is the French horn. During the weekends I’d either be hanging out at coffee shops in the Boston area or de-stressing by making impulsive shopping decisions on Newbury st. I’m excited to start in the Shalek lab! I’m interested in expanding my interest in nanotechnology and biology to better understand the dynamics interactions of cancer cells with their micro environment.