Mifrah Hayath

Mifrah Hayath

Former Research Technician

Background & Interests

Biology Biology
Cancer Cancer
Computational Methods Computational Methods
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Mifrah is a graduate from UC Berkeley where she pursued simultaneous degrees in Molecular Toxicology and Bioethics. She worked with patients who suffered from illnesses such as cancer and neurological diseases. Wanting to alleviate their pain, Mifrah developed a strong interest in researching the underlying causes of the disease as well as the therapeutics that can be developed to help these patients. Before joining MIT, Mifrah worked with breast cancer cells at UC Berkeley and induced pluripotent stem cells at UCSF. Her research interests include cancer biology, therapeutics, and bioinformatics. Mifrah was born and raised in Riverside, California. Her favorite pastimes include reading and writing poetry and going to the theater.