Sophia Liu

Sophia Liu

Former Undergraduate Student

Degrees & Affiliations

BS, Chemical Engineering - MIT

Background & Interests

Biology Biology
Cancer Cancer
Computational Methods Computational Methods
Immunology Immunology
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Sophia graduated MIT in 2017 majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Biology, and hails from New Jersey. She is broadly interested in questions of cell communication and developing methods to better understand interactions between systems. During the first two years of undergrad, she worked in the Langer Lab, developing an immunotherapeutic application of a microfluidic device. Since then, in the Shalek Lab, she is working to develop single-cell RNA techniques for better understanding heterogeneity in neurons. She also serves as the President of the MIT Undergraduate Association, and enjoys reading and writing in her free time. She is now pursuing a PhD at Harvard. Fun fact: Sophia has a visceral aversion to eggplants.